certificados em vigor

A certificação de competência e habilidades adquiridas, dentro do ambiente de gestão de projetos e de uso de ferramentas – particularmente do uso da Solução Spider Project, é melhor entendida quando apresentada de modo formal.

Uma certificação significa o reconhecimento público, por entidade ou comunidade reconhecida em grande espectro de conhecimento, de profissionais ou produtos de valor.

Entende-se aqui como siglas e correspondências, seu nível de maturidade e de compromisso – no seu original:

SpU – The Spider Project User is someone that demonstrates the ability to operate
the tool even if it isn’t a project manager. It can be applied to anyone in the team that in
fact uses network diagrams, understand the use of resources, is able to reproduce real models using Spider Project modeling resources. The Spider Project User training is essential – with a valid certification.

SpA – The Spider Project Administrator knows everything about the spider project software but
may not know much about real project management. It can be applied to anyone that in
fact understands how to produce the right inputs in the app, in order to make thing possible to the project manager and his work teams. The Spider Project Adm training is essential – with a valid certification.

SpP – The Spider Project Professional is the minimum requirement to support any Project Manager or PM Team, able to model any schedule or resource model, with the use of Spider Project Solution. It must have great level of project management skills and be able to apply most of it in Spider Project.

SpS – The Spider Project Specialist has the SpP requirements and can use advanced planning and programming techniques that, due to real market demand, and have achieved a proven positive outcome for those involved. It would be applied to consultants with extensive experience in PM and applied solution and develop a specific expertise. The Spider Project Specialist also demonstrates to be master of using advance scheduling techniques and can really apply critical chain or SDPM concepts with scenarios in the tool. The user must be consultants with extensive background in PM.